Confidentiality and Privacy Policy

The purpose of this policy is to protect a patient’s right to confidentiality and privacy. Patient information will be regarded as confidential and will be available only to authorized users for approved purposes. Every Provider, Staff, Contractor or Student will use only the minimum amount of confidential patient information to accomplish their assigned duties. Access to confidential information is only permitted for direct patient care, billing, or administrative operations.

Discussion or consultation involving a patient’s care should be conducted in private. Individuals not directly involved in the patient’s care should not be present without the patient’s permission.

Policy Elements:

  • Discuss patient information with authorized personnel only and only in a private location where unauthorized persons cannot overhear.
  • Minimize how audible we are when discussing patient information on the phone while keeping in mind that sometimes we must speak loudly for our patients who are hard of hearing.
  • Keep medical records secure and unavailable to persons not involved with the patient’s care.
  • Follow specified procedures for use of electronic information systems, including use of passwords, logging off when finished, and protection of displayed or printed information from unauthorized users.
  • Omit the patient’s name and other unique identification when using case reports for educational purposes.
  • Verify with the patient what information may be given to the patient’s family and friends with the patient’s knowledge and permission.
  • Release patient medical records to external sources only upon receipt of written authorization from the patient.
  • Obtain permission from the patient before we use either their email or home address to send them marketing material, patient newsletters, or any other general information regarding PAC Audiology.

All patients will be given a copy of this policy when they check in for their appointment. We will also ask of our patients to sign a form stating that they have received a copy of this policy.