• Hearing Evaluation
  • Balance Testing/Treatment
  • Hearing Devices
  • Sound Retraining
  • Custom Hearing Protection

Hearing Evaluation

To evaluate the cause of hearing problems in children and adults a variety of tests are used. For the basic test the patient responds to auditory stimuli by raising their hand or pressing a button; different pitches and loudness will be used to determine the patient's hearing levels. Additional diagnostic tests include otoacoustic omissions and tympanometry with acoustic reflexes.

Patient Testimonials

I found Dr. Mamiya to be very friendly and informative. I would highly recommend everyone I know to her. I am very happy and impressed with Dr. Mamiya and her wonderful staff!
- Alan, Seattle, Washington

Balance Testing/Treatment

We determine if a vestibular (inner ear) disease may be causing a balance or dizziness problem and treat as appropriate.

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PAC Audiology is excited to announce our partnership with the American Institute of Balance (AIB), located in Largo, FL. AIB is one of the country’s best-known diagnostic, treatment and educational facilities specializing in equilibrium disorders. The Institute is widely recognized for providing practitioners with the most current clinical and scientific breakthroughs in treatments. We are proud to announce that AIB has qualified us as a Center of Specialty Care!

Patient Testimonials

I found Dr. Mamiya to be very patient, thoroughly professional and compassionate. Dr. Mamiya conducted an extremely detailed test for my dizziness issues. I was very nervous at the beginning, but she made me laugh and relax during testing. I am glad to find her.
- Greg, Renton, Washington

Personal Amplification Devices

Hearing aids are digital, completely programmable hearing devices. These devices are available in different styles and technologies. Most manufacturers have developed rechargeable products that can be controlled with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Technology has improved so much just in the last five years. It is time to try on the latest and greatest hearing devices and hear people better with background noise!

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Pocketalkers are portable for use anywhere, indoors or out. They are great for one-on-one conversations and TV listening.


Special Alarm Clocks offer amplified audio with volume and tone controls and a vibrating mattress or pillow shaker.


Amplified telephones amplify voice. Some even subdue background noise.

Patient Testimonials

I am very happy with my hearing aids. They are very comfortable and easy to maintain. I cannot say enough as to how my life has changed since getting hearing aids from PAC Audiology. Sounds that I forgot existed are, once again, a part of my life. I can now hear my cat meow. - Cherie, Seatlle, Washington

Sound Retraining Therapy

Tinnitus is a sensation of sounds heard inside the head, commonly described as a high pitch ringing. We are selected as a Lenire provider. Schedule your evaluation appointment now.

Hyperacusis is a disorder in loudness perception. Patients suffering from hyperacusis may appear overly sensitive to a range of sounds, finding many noises unbearable and painfully loud.

Misophonia is defined as a strong dislike of certain sounds and an abnormally strong reaction to them such as anger or even fear. The specific sounds that cause the reaction are unique to each individual.

The goal of the sound retraining program for tinnitus is to evaluate and help the patient habituate to their tinnitus so it doesn’t interfere with their life. The sound retraining program for the hyperacusis or misophonia patient will help tolerate annoying sounds and learn to cope.

Patient Testimonials

Although I still hear ringing, it's much quieter now and it doesn't interrupt my life or my work. - Ted, Federal Way, Washington

Custom Hearing Protection

Custom Earmolds

Our ear molds are custom made for your individual needs. We either scan your ears or make earmold impressions and offer hearing protection products for:

  • Musicians - In-Ear Monitor Systems/Hearing Protection
  • Sports Enthusiasts - Motor sports, swimming, hunting & shooting
  • Occupational Use - Dental, Construction, Aviation, Medical, Broadcasting, other industrial & recreational activities

Preventing irreversible hearing loss is simple, easy, and affordable. A perfect gift for your family, friends, and yourself!

Patient Testimonials

I am very happy with my custom earplugs for hearing protection. They are perfect for my needs as I am very sensitive to road noise and loud music.
- Keiko, Bellevue, Washington


Central auditory processing disorder (CAPD) is also known as Auditory processing disorder (APD). People with CAPD usually have normal hearing. However, parents and/or other people often notice that their child(ren) have difficulty in understanding verbally presented information or require extra time to process what people are saying.

    Common symptoms:
  • Struggles with following directions
  • Struggles with listening and following conversations, especially when there is background noise
  • Difficulty differentiating between sounds in words
  • Requires repetition or rephrasing of what people said
  • Difficulty understanding or can become overwhelmed when others speak quickly
  • Takes longer to respond to others
  • Poor musical and singing skills
  • Difficulty paying attention
  • Easily distracted

While the symptoms of CAPD have some overlap with symptoms of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), we have clear diagnostic indicators that will allow us to accurately diagnose CAPD. When you make an appointment for a CAPD exam, we will perform a comprehensive hearing evaluation followed by the CAPD evaluation. Once CAPD is diagnosed, we will discuss treatment options. The appointment will start at 9:15am and be done around 2pm.

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Miller is extremely knowledgeable. I found Dr. Miller to be very patient, thoroughly professional and compassionate. Her findings for our child have helped us tremendously as parents to better understand and relate to our child.
- Kim, Sammamish, Washington